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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

“Working with Mr. Allen has been a surprisingly easy experience. Mr. Allen and his staff were diligent and always informed me of what was going on with my case throughout the entire process.” ~Ashley V. (10/2/17)

“He goes above and beyond and took my situation into consideration.” ~Albert A. (3/20/17)

“Mr. Allen was great with my case. He kept me informed and he got me the outcome I was looking for.” ~John C. (3/8/17)

“He handled everything great and it was a smooth transaction. I wish more lawyers out there were like him.” ~Zachary P. (3/8/17)

“Very passionate and professional lawyer. He worked very hard for my case.” ~Kevin P. (1/18/17)

“Mr. Allen and Jennifer were amazing!! They took time to research my case, and told me the pros and cons coming into everything. They kept me involved every step of the way. Selena was also amazing, and very helpful. They have become like a family.” ~LaShunna G. (12/7/16)

“I find Mr. Allen to be very helpful because of the way he settled my case. My case was tough but he settled it and I am happy with the outcome.” ~Abdirizak (11/18/16)

“He made everything very easy and simple. All the information was very helpful for me and explained well to me. He walked me through it all.” ~Kenneth (10/12/16)

“I was very satisfied with this law firm. They were very helpful in my case and they stayed in touch with me every step of the way. I would recommend them to all of my family and friends.” ~Tena T. (9/7/16)

“He was very fast and accurate and he took care of my business properly. He was very polite and courteous with me. If I ever have any other accidents I will return to him for his services.” ~Tracy P. (5/27/16)

“I was more than satisfied with Mr. Allen and his staff and I appreciate it so much!” ~Alfreda H. (5/5/16)

“I will recommend Mr. Allen to anybody. They are very capable and do their business in a friendly way. I never had to worry about the case because they always followed-up wonderfully.” ~Primal (4/29/16)

“Very appreciated of how fast of a response I got back from Mr. Allen. His team helped out with any questions and concerns that I had and I would definitely recommend him again for future reference.” ~Andrea P. (3/18/16)

“Everything was great. They always answered the phone and the service was tremendous!” ~Marcie B. (3/18/16)

“He was great! He was able to get information that was very hard to get! He did it in a reasonable amount of time and he was very helpful and pleasant.” ~Maria C. (3/18/16)

“My lawyer did a wonderful job! I was in a car accident a year ago where I had been parked at a traffic light. A car slammed into me from behind at 50 miles an hour. I had very bad neck and back injuries plus was in a lot of pain. When I met Mr. Allen, he took charge immediately to get to my insurance company to pay the necessary bills, found the police report and the other driver at fault. He handled all the things that I was not well enough to do. He made excellent recommendations and was knowledgeable on the law. Jennifer, his assistant, was on top of her game. She took all my calls and handled the bills from the doctors. Whenever I called the office, they took care of my needs right away. Selena, another assistant staff was also polite and kind at all times. I would highly recommend this law firm and Geoffrey Allen, Esq. and his staff’s services to anyone who needs to have justice. They did a terrific job!” ~Christina C. (2/10/16)

“Mr. Allen is great at what he does. He took my case when no other attorneys would, and we won by the way. He kept me very aware every step of the way. His paralegal Jennifer is the best very sweet, caring, and willing to go the extra mile to get tasks done. I couldn’t have found better representation for my case. THANK YOU Geo and Jen!” ~Anonymous (2/1/16)

“Office staff was very friendly and Selena went beyond the call of duty.” ~Shawn E. (12/30/15)

“The entire team was helpful from the moment we spoke on the phone. I was referred to Geoffrey from a friend due to my car accident. I was 100% satisfied.” ~Phil W. (12/23/15)

“I was very satisfied with the way my case was handled by attorney Geoffrey Allen and his paralegal, Jenn. They were very professional and everything was always done in a timely fashion. I would never hesitate to use them again for any matter that I may have. I would also always refer them to anyone in need of a professional and capable law firm.” ~Tynesha B. (12/15/15)

“Mr. Allen is the greatest! I’ve been dealing with him for years and would recommend him to anyone!” ~Tondalea R. (11/4/15)

“The attorney and his paralegal listened well and made me comfortable at my initial visit and the settlement was done in a timely manner!” ~Maxine H. (10/27/15)

“Mr. Allen and his paralegal, Jenn were cooperative, supportive and did a very good job. They always answered my phone calls promptly and kept me updated on how things were progressing.” ~Hussein D. (10/26/15)

“I was very satisfied and happy for all the work they did in my case. Very good lawyer!” ~Martin C. (10/26/15)

“The best lawyer I have ever had!” ~Cornell S. (9/21/15)

“I am very pleased with the services of Geoffrey Allen and Jenn. I’ll make sure to get in contact if I need a lawyer in the future.” ~Dominique B. (9/21/15)

“He handled my case very well and I’m satisfied for what he has done during the time of the case. He is a good attorney. Thanks for everything!” ~Ray H. (9/21/15)

“Very professional! Mr. Allen and Ms. Jenn are AWESOME.” ~Waverly B. (9/12/15)

“Mr. Allen and Jenn put all my worries aside when it came to my case. I am so thankful for their service and all their hard work. Mr. Allen’s paralegal is one of the best and worked very hard on my case! Thank you!!” ~Selena A. (9/16/15)

“Extremely satisfied. Mr. Allen gave me weekly updated and made sure I was taken care of. I would highly recommend.” ~Frank M. (9/16/15)

“My case was handled well and I was very satisfied with the outcome. Thanks!” ~Theresa G. (9/2/15)

“I didn’t think at first I would get justice for what happened the day of my auto accident. But today I’m happy to say that I was overwhelmed with what I got in return for my injuries. Thank you Mr. Allen and Ms. Roberts!” ~Leonardo W. (9/7/15)

“It was top of the line work!” ~Sandy W. (7/27/15)

“I think Mr. Allen is a great lawyer. I will tell everybody about nice he and Ms. Jenn are. I love them both!” ~Nancy C. (6/17/15)

“I didn’t have to worry about anything but getting well.” ~Johnathon J. (6/3/15)

“I was very satisfied with both Mr. Allen and Jenn. They went above and beyond to ensure that myself and my family got the best quality of service and were treated very fair.” ~Cheri W. (4/8/15)

“I appreciate what your office has done making sure I was aware of my options.” ~Angela Y. (3/31/15)

“Mr. Allen was very helpful and fast paced with my case and saved me a lot of money. Jenn was very trustworthy when it came to getting things done, especially phone calls and office visits. ~Maricco K. (12/4/14)

“I was totally satisfied with (Mr. Allen and Jenn’s) service; they were courteous and professional. ~Demetreus W. (11/13/14)

“I am very satisfied with Geoffrey Allen and Jenn and the work they did on my case. I will be calling them from now on about any legal work I need handled.” ~Davon W. (8/25/14)

“Mr. Allen and his staff are very nice. They will call you back if you have any questions or concerns. I will definitely refer people to Mr. Allen in the future.” ~Angela M. (7/7/14)

“Mr. Allen was very professional. I would definitely recommend him to someone needing an attorney.” ~Wayne P. (7/1/14)

“The outcome of my auto accident case was beautiful.” ~Cato K. (7/7/14)

“I am very pleased with the entire staff. Everyone was very attentive and polite.” ~LaRae B. (7/5/14)

“This firm is 10 out of 10! They did an awesome job on my car accident claim.” ~Andre G. (7/15/14)

“Geoff represented me for an incident that occurred while I was on vacation in DC. I didn’t hire him as my attorney until after I returned home to Ohio so I never even met him in person, but I couldn’t be happier with his representation!” ~Teresa B. (9/19/12)

“I was very satisfied with the services that Geoffrey Allen has provided me with. From day one he made me feel comfortable.” ~Ronetta D. (12/14/12)

“Mr. Allen is an excellent attorney who has represented me in several cases. We have always been pleased and very satisfied with the results. I would recommend Mr. Allen to anyone. He’s always been available for me in any situation. Overall, he’s a great attorney.” ~Helen A. (12/18/12)

“I was extremely satisfied with Mr. Allen and his assistant’s work on my case. I will definitely recommend him in the future.” ~Mohammed A. (01/09/13)

“Mr. Allen represented me for a car accident case and was a great help and really cared about my case. Mr. Allen and his assistant are the best people to work with in the area. He is well respected and the best man to know. He makes you feel like family and I would recommend everyone to Mr. Allen if they needed an attorney. ~Clarence R. (01/23/13)

“I was very pleased with Mr. Allen and his team’s work. All I had to do was relax and they did the work for me. I would highly recommend Mr. Allen and if I needed another attorney, he’d be my first call.” ~Melva J. (01/31/13)

“Geoff Allen is a GREAT attorney. He sets the standards very high and is an extremely hard worker. Geoff isn’t satisfied until the client is satisfied and we have always been happy with the results he’s gotten us. I would definitely recommend Mr. Allen to someone needing an attorney and if we need another attorney I will be calling him.” ~Kathryn H. & James M (2/20/13)

“Mr. Allen just wrapped up my car accident case and I was very happy with his service. Geoff is an excellent lawyer and I would recommend him to everyone I know. He’s a great communicator and is always around when you need him.” ~Franklin B (2/22/13)

“I truly appreciated Mr. Allen’s time and support with my case. He is a very diligent attorney and I was very pleased with his services. I would definitely recommend Mr. Allen to someone that needed a lawyer.” ~Wilbert S (3/7/13)

“I am very pleased with the way Mr. Allen and his assistant Jennifer handled my auto accident case. Over a year after my accident, I realized I needed someone to serve as my advocate and act as a go between the various parties involved in my claims. After Mr. Allen’s involvement in my case, worker’s compensation improved their response to treatment requests. As a result of Mr. Allen’s resourcefulness, three years after my accident, I was approved for a surgical procedure worker’s compensation initially denied. My primary goal for retaining an attorney was to gain medical treatment that would aid my physical recovery. If it was not for Mr. Allen’s services, I have no doubt I would continue to live with unbearable pain.” ~Tosin K (04/08/13)

“Geoffrey Allen and his assistant, Jenn, provided an outstanding service to me. Their detailed and professional approach was consistently wonderful throughout the course of my case. I highly recommend Geoffrey Allen with appreciative regard.” ~Susanne D. (04/13/13)

“I have been dealing with Geoffrey Allen for a long time which means he is doing a very fine job.” ~Mohamed A. (04/16/13)

“Mr. Allen represented me for an eye injury due to the police’s negligence. I am very satisfied with how he handled my case. He is a caring lawyer which is very rare to find! I would definitely recommend him to friends and family and I would use him again if I needed a lawyer.” ~Paris B. (06/28/13)

“I was very satisfied with Mr. Allen and what he was able to do for me in my car accident case.” ~Cynothia J. (07/23/13)

“Mr. Allen represented me for an incident during incarceration. He and his team worked very well on my case and I was very satisfied. I would certainly recommend Mr. Allen to someone who needed a lawyer. ~Troi H. (07/30/13)

“My case was handled in an extremely professional way. Mr. Allen and his paralegal, Jenn were there for me every step of the way and when there was information I needed to know, I was informed. Mr. Allen’s law office is the law office everyone with a case he handles needs.” ~Alphonso O. (08/19/13)

“I have used Mr. Allen on several occasions and he handled an auto accident claim for me most recently. He has a great communication ability and I’d give him 5 out of 5 on value for money.” ~Frank B. (10/22/13)

“Truly no one could ask for a better legal team that really cares.” ~Colicchio P. (11/01/13)

“I was very satisfied with the way that both Mr. Allen and Ms. Roberts handled my case. They were honest, efficient and very fast. I really appreciated all of the help that they provided. I referred two other members of my family to Mr. Allen’s office for services and I would recommend their services to anyone that I know.” ~Brittany B. (01/14/14)

“We were extremely satisfied with Mr. Allen! He is the Best!! ~Anthony W. & Kathleen W. (02/03/14)

“Mr. Allen represented me for an auto accident where the guy who hit me didn’t stop and give me his information. I was so completely satisfied that I feel like they are family. I would certainly recommend them to my friends and family. They took great care of me and I had a new level of trust with them.” ~Robert C. (3/12/14)

“I was very satisfied with the way my case was handled by Mr. Allen. Also, Ms. Jenn was very helpful when I needed her.” ~Ashley S. (11/10/14)